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There are many sites that allow to send SMS, very often these sites require a login, advertising and optical codes.

SMuW (SMS Under Web) can read files that contains the information required for sending SMS. the official release contains the files for the main italian sites.

In the client side just choose the site which send the SMS, write the text and press a single button!

SMuW is a tool written in Perl for Unix like platform . (written and tested on ubuntu linux)

You can can download the latest version of the complete package (smuw: the command line,the two graphical user interfaces, configuration and the files for the italian sites) by the following archive:

Scarica ora

Here the main features of SMuW:
  1. By default You can use the main italian sites (190 vodafone,rossoalice,enel and more others!)
  2. You can easly create your own plugin to send SMS with other sites
  3. You can set and use various accounts for each site
  4. A small phonebook
  5. You can join to the sime site whit different credential
  6. High compatibility with the XML Providers of wwSMSClient.
  7. It use gocr to read the optical codes (captcha)
  8. You can use the command line interface (simple and create for script) and two GUI (one lite and easy and another for a complete usage)
  9. All the credential NOT will be sent outside the interested site!


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25/11/2008 -Aggiunta possibilita' di inviare SMS multipli (per info visita il forum)
25/11/2008 -Ripreso lo sviluppo di SMW! :)
08/06/2008 -Aggiunto nuovo sito:
08/06/2008 -permette l'invio di 10 SMS GRATIS al giorno - senza registrazione!
16/05/2008 -La nuova interfaccia grafica richiede il componente Gtk2::Trayicon
16/05/2008 -Maggiori informazioni sulla sezione Smuw/Prerequisiti
16/05/2008 -Sono stati rilasciati degli aggiornamenti non funzionanti!
16/05/2008 -Per favore aggiorna SMuW (da linea di comando ./tools/update)
16/05/2008 -Completata la nuova interfaccia grafica, l'eseguibile e' ./smwgui3
20/04/2008 -Ancora in fase di sviluppo ma pronta per i test!
20/04/2008 -E' stata riscritta la nuova interfacci grafica